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August 02, 2015

Faster than you can say "3, 2, 1 Go," the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games came and went. It's all a big blur of six packs, booty shorts and barbells. Lucky for us, we kept a camera close by to capture the action, and more importantly, candids with the fittest athletes on Earth. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words so check out Team GR3EN's Rookie Games experience through selfies.

Our trip got off to a great start. Look who we ran into at dinner on our first night in Los Angeles. Female favs Emily Bridgers and Stacie Tovar took time out from their meals (sorry we caught you mid-bite Stacie!) to snap this group shot.

Wow, we thought, is this a sign of things to come? Apparently so. The next morning, we headed out to Hermosa Beach to catch the 1st day of action and while walking to our car after the first event, who do we spy in the parking lot? Yup, that's Mat Fraser. (The chest hair is a dead giveaway.)

Surely it was just beginner's luck. How can you top that? Well, let's see. Fraser was 2nd Fittest in 2014. Who was Fittest? A man by the name of Rich Froning! The 4-time Champ was gracious and humble when we asked to snap a selfie together. He seriously made our day, and it got better when he shared it on his FB page. #richfroning rocks. 


Stay tuned for an even better selfie story about CrossFit Mayhem's leading man ahead. 

Walking around Stub Hub Center and Vendor Village, you literally run right into your role models. Olympic Weightlifting Legend Mike Burgener was so sweet when we stopped him at the Soccer Stadium for a selfie. He even dropped by our booth later to pose for another pic with the whole team. What a great guy!


It's no wonder that he's as big a social media star as Christmas Abbott. The stunning FitAid Athlete genuinely took time to meet, greet, and pose for pictures with fans. We liked her before, now we love her even more!

Not to be outdone, everyone's crush Jackie Perez happily made time for fans.  You can't help but love this barbell bikini babe.


We could have completed the CrossFit triplet by getting the sport's hottest young athlete, but we missed our chance. We saw Lauren Fisher walk through the Progenex booth, but we didn't want to chase her down for a snapshot. (There's always next year, right?)

We were bummed that Neal Maddox got sidelined by his injury, but stoked that he didn't mind taking a selfie.

We took this shot during Murph, when everyone was cheering on Annie Thorisdottir. She's walking there in the background. What a champ. Even with her heat exhaustion, she high fived spectators along the route.

Another former Women's champ caught our attention in the Tennis Stadium stands. 2010's Fittest Woman on Earth Kristan Clever even made sure the sun was in the right spot for a picture perfect shot.

We caught up with another CrossFit pioneer in Vendor Village.  It was great to catch up with Josh Everett and his WCW, his wife, and CrossFit champ in her own right, Mary Everett.

In between "work", our team couldn't resist other photo ops. I think there's an unwritten rule that you have to pose like this by the Reebok display at the athletes' hotel.

Have to give it up to the Aussies, brave enough to wear this to the beach and to Kalei for being brave enough to get the shot.

The Big Ass fan mascot was a good sport, considering it was like 90 degrees.

What a Games it was. We wrapped up the week by scoring selfies with the Fittest Man and Woman on Earth, Ben Smith and Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir.


Saving the best for last, we were honored to witness CrossFit Mayhem win the team competition, led by Rich Froning of course. But the bigger honor was that he took a selfie for us after clinching the trophy. It was classic because Alan's phone locked up. Rich didn't miss a beat. He said "What's your code man," input it and took the selfie like a true champ.

As a bonus, when Team CF Mayhem snapped photos with fans afterward at Vendor Village, we saw the lovely @HillaryFroning and their adorable daughter nearby. Didn't want to bug them, but we just had to capture little Lakelyn's winning smile! 

Gotta love the spirit and community of CrossFit. Not bad for our rookie year and we have the selfies to prove it!






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