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August 14, 2015

Excitement, adrenaline and nerves.

That’s how Team GR3EN Athlete and CrossFit State of Mind Owner Amy Suh describes her mindset as she prepares to take the platform for the USA Weightlifting Nationals today in Dallas. Amy explains the rush of emotions this way, “I am so excited for the entire experience. The people, the adrenaline and most important the opportunity to represent Hawaii. I am very nervous but I have trust in my training and in my coach Vernon Patao.”

Amy’s coach has high hopes, encouraging her to go 6 for 6 in the 58 kg class. It’s a move out of her comfort zone for the CrossFit competitor/coach to dive into the Olympic lifting world. She adds that “I feel like the weightlifting community in Hawaii has welcomed me with open arms and for that I am grateful.”

Amy also welcomes the opportunity to show that strength is beauty, taking on common misconceptions about ladies who lift. “Everyday I get asked some sort of question in regards to my muscles and what I do for training” explains Amy. “I am so proud to be an advocate for strong, confident women who work hard to look the way that I do. Strength is beauty and I find that this misconception is being better understood everyday thanks to CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting and Power Lifting.”

Amy’s first lift is at 2:30 PM Hawaii time. She has already scouted out the perfect Texas steakhouse for a celebratory dinner. On the menu? “A steak and a dessert called The Chocolate Box. Oh and a dozen oysters too!” 

Congratulations, Amy! You’ve worked hard to get to Nationals and we know you’ll shine on the national stage. You can watch the competition streaming live at USAWeightlifting.org/LIVE



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