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August 23, 2018

Small gestures and acts of kindness go a long way. That's even more true when severe weather strikes. It's like clockwork in Hawaii. People panic. Stores turn into battlegrounds with shoppers jockeying to buy the last bottled water, toilet paper and Spam. Yes, Spam. We are in Hawaii after all, the undisputed Spam capital of the U.S. Sorry Minnesota. We know you have a Spam museum, but the 50th State is serious about its Spam. Especially during hurricane season.

With Hurricane Lane's track and strength as it approaches Hawaii, Team GREEN wanted to spread aloha and a much needed positive, clean energy boost to those on the front lines. To our hard-working Emergency personnel, first responders, civil servants, and staff of the National Weather Service. All of them are working around the clock to keep the public informed and safe.

Want to see us spread a little aloha? Here's a look behind the scenes of our special deliveries inspired by Hurricane Lane. Here's hoping for the best and to sharing some aloha, which is always welcome, rain or shine.


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