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Craig Davidson

April 28, 2015

Lifeguard/Stunt Man/CrossFit Competitor

Nickname: Craigger

Passions: Family, Water Sports, Competition

Craig is the epitome of calm under pressure. It’s his secret to success whether he’s doing a stunt on a Hollywood set or saving someone’s life at the beach. It’s also his secret weapon during competitions. “I'm a calm relaxed kinda competitor” explains Craig. “It's just my demeanor. I try to stay in control of my emotions and adrenaline so I can think straight and do my best. I like to see what my body and mind can do.”

His body can handle the abuse of stunt work for Hawaii Five-O thanks to CrossFit. "I know my body at my age can handle getting shot and go over a railing on or landing on a car flat on my back. I can wake up the next morning and be ready to go again.” At first, Craig’s wife Gina had to persuade him to join her for a workout. Now, he’s hooked and gets a kick out of yelling at the younger guys “Don’t let an old man beat you.” 


What’s your biggest accomplishment?

My Family no doubt! Nothing to do with Crossfit, Hollywood or Lifeguarding. Love my wife and kids. I look up to my wife cause she is the backbone to our family! 

What's the best advice you've gotten?

"Never wait for anyone!" If you do, you will always be waiting

What's your biggest vice?

My one Coca Cola a day/habit. Sucks and I've tried to quit but it never works. Oh and Kikoman shoyu. I put it on almost anything! My wife can't stand it! 


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