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Jamie Sterling

May 04, 2015


Photo Courtesy: Michael Voorhees

2011 WSL Big Wave World Tour Champ/Surf Instructor/Adventure Seeker

Passions: Surfing & his son

Philosophy: Live a healthy honest life and treat others how you wish to be treated

Jamie caught his first wave at age 4 and has been charging the world’s most famous surf spots ever since. He knew that surfing would be his life by the time he was 10. He explains his passion this way, “I’m in sync with nature.”  

The self-described “mellow” waterman gets a rush off riding giants. He won the WSL Big Wave World Tour Championship in 2011, and has his sights set on another title.  When he’s not competing, he’s teaching others how to surf and hopes to start his own Adventure Company.

Photo Courtesy: Ryan Foley


Do you have a ritual to get pumped up for competition?  

Eat good and sleep well. His meal of choice? Fresh fish and organic salad with all the fixings.

What's your favorite thing to do on a rest day?  

Hang with my son at the beach. 

(Fun fact: his son Cyrus is 4, the same age Jamie was when he started surfing)

What’s on your bucket list?  

Become a certified DeRose Method Teacher


  • 2011 WSL Big Wave World Tour Champion
  • 2012 WSL Big Wave World Tour Runner Up
  • Invited to compete in the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational (13 years)
  • 3rd- 2009 Mavericks Invitational

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