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Baba Merino

April 27, 2015

CrossFit Competitor/Former State & National Baseball Champion Catcher/Teacher

Passions: Competing, Teaching

Philosophy: Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new

Baba just found a new athletic addiction with CrossFit and is making up for lost time. “Crossfit has rekindled my competitive nature” explains Baba. “I love that this sport is totally self-driven!!! You get what you put into it. I also love the camaraderie that is present because we are all racing against the same thing, the clock!!!“

Baba was the first on his dad’s side of the family to receive his Bachelor and Masterʻs Degrees and is passionate about educating others today as a Middle School Science Teacher and Coach. “Seeing people improve fuels my fire” says the teacher of 5 years. “Whether it’s my children, my students or athletes.” 

The best advice he’s ever gotten was to “Give your children all the knowledge you possess!!! Let them decide what they will keep and use in their lives.” That’s why it’s no surprise that his long term goal is for his children to be better than he is. Short term, he’s determined to qualify for the 2016 CrossFit Games.


Do you have a favorite quote or inspiring words that you live by?

One that comes to mind is a quote from one of my idols, my Aunty Rell Sunn, “Give, give, give and give some more… And when thereʻs nothing left to give, you give some more.” RIP Aunty Rell.

Do you have a favorite song or ritual to get pumped up for competition?

Song: Make It Bun Dem by 
Skrillex and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley

Being part Apache and Hawaiian I can relate to the message of this song, oppression to native peoples.

I canʻt touch sunflower seeds until Iʻm done with whatever Iʻm competing in… Itʻs a ritual from baseball… LOL

What's your favorite thing to do on a rest day and your guilty pleasure?

Whatʻs a rest day??? I have 4 jobs and kids… I train 7 days a week…

Guilty pleasure: Sleeping…


  • Making the competing team for Crossfit HNL/Alohabarbell


-Snatch: 255lbs

-Clean: 345lbs

-Clean & Jerk: 295lbs

-Deadlift: 605lbs

-Bench: 425lbs

-Squat: 470lbs

-Pull-ups: 52

-Fran: 2:55

-Grace: 1:57

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