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Kaleikoa Kaleoaloha

May 01, 2015

Kayak & Surf Ski Competitor/Olympic Hopeful/Hawaii Waterman

Passions: Kayaking, Paddling, Surfing, Competing

Philosophy: “Any day in the ocean is better than on land.”      -Uncle Aaron Napoleon 
To be successful in anything we do we must love doing it.

Kaleikoa is a focused competitor who believes in having fun while pursuing his passions: kayaking and surf skiing. “My coaches have always told me to go out and have fun” explains Kaleikoa. “What I love best about the sport of kayaking is it allows me to be free on the water. Surf skiing lets me play in the wind and the waves in the open ocean.”

The Olympic hopeful credits early coachesWillie Gacutan (HCKT) and Blane Chong with nurturing his love of the ocean, and his role model, Coach Zsolt Szadovszki (HCKT) with helping him find balance between focus and fun.

He’s proud to have the opportunity to compete with Hawaii’s best in coastal races held by Kanaka Ikaika Racing Association and Paʻa Hawaii, and aims to represent Hawaii in international competitions including the 2015 USA Olympic Sprint Kayaking Trials.


What 3 words best describe you?

Drive / Discipline / Dedication (Triple D)

Every minute of every hour of everyday when I train the one thing that I stand firm on is FOCUS. When it comes to racing, FOCUS is what got me there to the starting line and FOCUS is what I will rely on to take me to the finish.

What's your go to meal pre & post competition?

My go to meal (or should I say drink) before and after competition has to be Gr3en Energy. In the past I would settle for a simple candy bar that would somewhat “satisfy” me. What I notice was that before I even got midway through the race I needed more energy. I am so grateful to have been introduced to Gr3en energy. What a game changer this has been. Now I have the energy and focus to compete at the highest level.

What's your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is probably kūlolo. My family and I enjoy its contents and its taste. You just cannot compete with coconut and taro in the same dish. To me this is the closest thing to an all-natural dessert you can get. Kūlolo fills me up and Gr3en Energy fires me up.


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