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May 14, 2015


Passions: Photography, Exploring the World, Inspiring through Pictures

Philosophy: “It’s a good day to have a good day.” Every day it’s your choice to live it and enjoy it.  

Anthony has a gift for capturing the beauty around him through a camera lens. His breathtaking photos have attracted a Instagram following of 40,000 plus. Anthony loves to share his photography because “it gives people a short escape from reality to see what's out there and not the usual boring day to day.”

Anthony is the first photographer to join our GR3EN flash. He aims to inspire others to get out and live the GR3EN life through his pictures. In Anthony’s view, “A memorable picture is one that inspires people. Some have even told me they found it to be so inspiring that it got them to go out and explore the beauty around them.”


What has been your most liked photo so far? 

This photo "chillaxing after a swim" has 2500+ likes.

Where is your dream destination to visit and capture on camera?

It's hard for me to pick a specific destination that I want to travel to and photograph because ever since I was young I've wanted to see the whole world. However one of the first places to cross my mind would be Norway and its beautiful Northern Lights.

What do you like to shoot with? (Or is that a trade secret?)

I like to shoot with the Nikon D3200 and the GoPro4. Both have great quality and have survived many of my adventures, so I also know first hand that they are very durable.

To see Anthony's amazing work, follow his instagram account

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