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Is GR3EN an Energy Drink? 

Yes and no. We’re not trying to be politicians here, but we believe in being transparent. 

Yes, you will get a clean energy boost from drinking GR3EN. Each can has 150 mg of organic plant-based caffeine, the equivalent to a cup of coffee.

No, we’re not an energy drink in the conventional sense. It DOES NOT contain the crap found in most mainstream “Energy Drink” products and workout drinks, stuff like taurine and synthetic B vitamins. Nationally renowned Naturopathic Physician and Author Dr. Laurie Steelsmith touts GR3EN as a healthier alternative, saying “GR3EN Energy is void of the potentially unhealthy ingredients found in conventional energy drinks like taurine, synthetic chemicals and artificial sweeteners. Kale, coconut water, and green tea are well known for their health-promoting properties.”

Why 12g of Sugar?

Because it delivers MAX energy and No Crash. Mother nature agrees. Whole milk & raw coconut water both contain 12g of sugar per cup.

Why an 8oz Can?

GR3EN was developed by a CrossFit Level 1 trainer to be used as a Pre-Workout drink. It is lightly carbonated to increase the body’s uptake of its key functional ingredients. We found 8oz to be just right. Benefits without the burps.

Is it Natural?

It is way beyond Natural. GR3EN is USDA Certified Organic. You won’t find a cleaner, healthier and more effective functional beverage out there.